CLT Joules works with some of the largest energy companies in the US to catalyze business development opportunities for exceptional energy entrepreneurs. 



Drawing on regional and national marketing and networking assets, CLT Joules is able to attract exceptionally talented entrepreneurs and innovators to the Southeast's only energy focused accelerator program.


Working closely with corporate partners, CLT Joules advises entrepreneurs on fundamental small business issues, while also bridging key strategic connections with industry players.


CLT Joules focuses on bringing the Catalyst companies into direct contact with decision makers and industry movers. By finding the right connections early, CLT Joules lowers the barriers of entry for startups into the Southeast energy market.


Not-for-profit accelerator providing entrepreneurs with key connections and tools to develop successful clean energy companies


Accelerate high-impact clean energy ventures that improve global sustainability and establish the southeast as a first class destination for energy startups

Value Proposition

We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization that is 100% focused on accelerating the growth and funding of energy startup companies through training, mentoring, and access to our network of customers and advisors