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Support the Energy Community 

CLT Joules is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and support from the larger energy community is vital to our ongoing success. There are a number of ways in which businesses, individuals, and foundations can contribute to this important effort to build on the Southeast's stake as the new energy capital. All forms of support go directly to the ongoing efforts of CLT Joules in the areas of operational budgets, mentorship programs, and educational outreach.



A critical key to success is access to functional and industry experts for our program entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create tailored mentoring relationships for each participant, in addition to providing access to experts in core areas of legal, marketing, finance, operations, sales and distribution. Share your talents and catalyze the growth of a new business.

CLT Joules is always seeking volunteers to help with our mentoring, coaching, and educational programs. If you are interested in helping the energy community in any of these ways, please use our contact information to let us know. And remember we are seeking all types of business expertise, not just in the energy sector!  

Are you an innovator, an entrepreneur, or another incubator/accelerator looking for advice or assistance? Get in touch with us so that we can help you execute on your vision, and together we will work to build a better energy innovation community. 



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