Catalyst Program: Cycle 2

Joules, in partnership with Southern Company and Duke Energy, is pleased to announce the next Catalyst Program class. For this cycle, Joules focused on technologies which are going to not only improve the utility space, but also fundamentally revolutionize the broader economy. These companies and their innovative products are the tip of the spear for the Industrial Revolution 4.0. 



Airspace is the only drone security solution capable of identifying, tracking, and autonomously removing rogue drones from the sky. The Airspace hardware and software are purpose-built for this challenge—and get better with every mission—so that you can protect your airspace with the tap of a finger.

Alion Energy

As an innovative EPC and O&M solutions provider, Alion Energy combines robotic installation technology with established construction practices to build local, utility scale projects faster and up to 25% less, while producing more energy than standard fixed-tilt projects.



Arch Systems

Arch provides a device-to-cloud platform and partners with industrial thought leaders to define and implement cutting-edge IoT systems.  With their novel IOTile™ framework, custom-configured wireless devices are produced 5x faster and 10x cheaper than ever before.  Arch's modular technology overcomes the challenge of the diverse physical world to provide simple and secure access for the industrial internet.



Proxxi is an industrial wearable that keeps watch over people working near medium and high voltage. It is designed to prevent injury or death by alerting the wearer before they enter the 'limits of approach' of a high voltage electrical field.


CN2's cloud-hosted platform enables developers to quickly and easily create compelling mobile Augmented Reality (AR) content.  The CN2 platform is offered as three products; Insight for sales and marketing, Experience for service and training, and Assist for AR enhanced, two-way, remote assistance.  Content created on the CN2 platform is automatically published in both AR and Virtual formats, allowing for Mixed Reality applications, and all products include our event-based Analytics Dashboard, for measuring the success of every application.  Supported platforms include iOS, Android and Windows 10 phones, tablets and a new generation of wearables. (Hololens, ODG R-7 and Epson Moverio currently supported) 


SparkCognition is a global leader in cognitive computing analytics. A highly-awarded company recognized for cutting-edge technology, SparkCognition develops AI-Powered cyber-physical software for the safety, security, and reliability of IT, OT, and the IIoT.  The company’s technology is capable of harnessing real time sensor data and learning from it continuously, allowing for more accurate risk mitigation and prevention policies to intervene and avert disasters.


EverCharge provides intelligent EV solutions for high-occupancy situations such as apartments, condos, workplaces, and city fleets.  Leveraging their patented SmartPower technology EverCharge delivers a dynamic power management solution that increases the capacity for charging at any location while avoiding costly infrastructure additions, drastically lowering EVSE install costs while providing up to 10x more stations for residents and property owners alike.