Our Network

The Network

The CLT Joules network of corporate partners is a critical asset for the Catalyst Program. Working together with these partners, CLT Joules offers entrepreneurs unique access to supply chain, business development, and innovation decision makers in the industry. 

2017 network

  • Southern Company
  • City of Charlotte
  • More than 500 regional energy focused companies
  • Duke Energy
  • EPRI
  • North Highland
  • Black & Veatch

Incubatenergy Network

CLT Joules belongs to a broader network of incubators and accelerators, all focused on innovation in energy in the United States. The Incubatenergy Network gives CLT Joules the ability to tie entrepreneurs and consortium partners together with assets from across the entire domestic energy network. 

Assets and statistics

  • More than 300 companies added to date
  • More than $1B in funding and $330MM in revenue
  • Nearly 3,000 direct jobs created
  • More than 500 stakeholders and mentors involved
  • An average selection rate of 10% across the network

The Catalyst Program and CLT Joules also draws on support from partners and assets from the Charlotte academic and non-profit community. Working with these partners gives entrepreneurs working through the Catalyst Program the ability to leverage these facilities and relationships to continue to build their small business. 

Facilities & Local Partners


Partners and Assets

  • UNCC's EPIC Facilities
    • Siemens Large Manufacturing Solutions Laboratory
    • Duke Energy Smart Grid Laboratory
    • HighBay Laboratory
  • Coombs Marketing
  • E4 Carolinas
  • EPRI
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