Founded with the support of regional energy partners in 2013, CLT Joules has helped create more than 90 jobs and attract more than $15MM in capital for member companies.


Our Team

Bob Irvin
Executive Director

Kim Austin Lee
Program Director

Ryan Rutledge
Business Dev & Marketing Manager

Our Companies

Catalyst Cycle 1 Alumni


Advisors & Mentors

The CLT Joules Catalyst advisor and mentor program offers startups access to a unique mix of industry expertise, and corporate partner mentorship. Each startup is assigned two strategic advisors, and two industry mentors from each corporate sponsor. When taken together, this advisory and mentorship network puts the tools for growth and business development in the hands of Catalyst startups. 

Strategic Advisors

Tom Flaherty
Partner, Strategy&

Mike Mitchell
Director, Publicis.Sapient

Bartosz Wojszczyk
Founder & Managing Partner, DecisionPoint Global

A.R. Mullinax
EVP Strategic Services, Duke Energy (Ret.)

Andy Agrawal
Managing Partner, DecisionPoint International

Brad Davis
CEO, Proctor Free

Chip Wood
VP Business Development, Duke Energy (Ret.)

David Young
Director, EPIC

Ted Schultz
CEO, Trove Predictive Data Science

Rick Bain
Director of Business Development, Embertec


Mike Elliott
Partner, Noro-Moseley Partners

Greg Brown
Cardinal Finance; Head of Charlotte Angel Fund

Mark Boomgarden
SVP Operations Akoustis


Corporate Mentors

K.C Spivey
Lead Product Developer, Duke Energy

Nabin Khanal
Lead Wholesale Renewable Analyst, Duke Energy

Neil Kern
Technology Development Manager, Duke Energy

Scott Wilezol
Procurement Manager, Duke Energy

Emily Felt
Business Development Manager, Duke Energy

Bill Watson
Director, Innovation Management, Duke Energy


Jessica Hamm
Manager, Emerging Technology Strategy, Duke Energy

Natasha Herting
Senior Product Developer, Duke Energy

Eric Hovis
Manager, Data Integrity & Performance, Duke Energy

Pete Henderson
Senior Product Developer, Duke Energy

Jon Landy
Business Development Manager, Duke Energy

Norvin Clontz
Leader, Grid Analytics


Andrew Ingram
Southern Company

Will Hobbs
Southern Company

Noah Meeks
Senior Research Engineer, Southern Company

Ross Perry
Principal Analyst, Southern Company

Diane McBeth
Energy Innovation Center, Southern Company

Charles Wilson
Southern Company

Justin Hill
Southern Company

Carl Jackson
Southern Company

Steve Baxley
Southern Company

Joe Schatz
Manager, Transmission and Distribution Research, Southern Company

Bobby Hawthorne
Southern Company

Glenn Wilson
Data Management & Technology Supervisor, Southern Company


Board of Directors

Rob Caldwell; Chairman
Duke Energy

Angel Harpe; Membership Chairman

Brian Heslin
Moore & Van Allen

Steve Wilson
Southern Company

A.R. Mullinax
Duke Energy (ret.)

Sharai Lavoie; Treasurer
Lavoie CPA, PLLC

Mike Mitchell; Programming Committee Chairman

Dr. Robert Wilhelm
UNC Charlotte

Michael Britt
Southern Company



Our Sponsors


Our Network

The Network

The CLT Joules network of corporate partners is a critical asset for the Catalyst Program. Working together with these partners, CLT Joules offers entrepreneurs unique access to supply chain, business development, and innovation decision makers in the industry. 

2017 network

  • Southern Company
  • City of Charlotte
  • More than 500 regional energy focused companies
  • Duke Energy
  • EPRI
  • North Highland
  • Black & Veatch

Incubatenergy Network

CLT Joules belongs to a broader network of incubators and accelerators, all focused on innovation in energy in the United States. The Incubatenergy Network gives CLT Joules the ability to tie entrepreneurs and consortium partners together with assets from across the entire domestic energy network. 

Assets and statistics

  • More than 300 companies added to date
  • More than $1B in funding and $330MM in revenue
  • Nearly 3,000 direct jobs created
  • More than 500 stakeholders and mentors involved
  • An average selection rate of 10% across the network

The Catalyst Program and CLT Joules also draws on support from partners and assets from the Charlotte academic and non-profit community. Working with these partners gives entrepreneurs working through the Catalyst Program the ability to leverage these facilities and relationships to continue to build their small business. 

Facilities & Local Partners


Partners and Assets

  • UNCC's EPIC Facilities
    • Siemens Large Manufacturing Solutions Laboratory
    • Duke Energy Smart Grid Laboratory
    • HighBay Laboratory
  • Coombs Marketing
  • E4 Carolinas
  • EPRI
Smart Grid.jpg
High Bay.jpg