CLT Joules works with some of the largest energy companies in the US to catalyze business development opportunities for exceptional energy entrepreneurs. 



Drawing on regional and national marketing and networking assets, CLT Joules is able to attract exceptionally talented entrepreneurs and innovators to the Southeast's only energy focused accelerator program.


Working closely with corporate partners, CLT Joules advises entrepreneurs on fundamental small business issues, while also bridging key strategic connections with industry players.


CLT Joules focuses on bringing the Catalyst companies into direct contact with decision makers and industry movers. By finding the right connections early, CLT Joules lowers the barriers of entry for startups into the Southeast energy market.


Not-for-profit accelerator providing entrepreneurs with key connections and tools to develop successful clean energy companies


Accelerate high-impact clean energy ventures that improve global sustainability and establish the southeast as a first class destination for energy startups

Value Proposition

We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization that is 100% focused on accelerating the growth and funding of energy startup companies through training, mentoring, and access to our network of customers and advisors 

CLT Joules is bringing energy innovation to the Southeast

The energy sector of the Southeast presents unique opportunities and unique challenges for innovation. Clustered together within this region are five of the largest utilities in the nation; Duke Energy, Southern Company, TVA, Dominion Resources, and NextEra Energy. When considered in aggregate, these companies have a market cap in excess of $200 billion, and provide services to more than 35 million customers. 

The CLT Joules network brings significant energy innovation talent and know-how to focus on your small business. By working together with business development experts, supply chain analysts, and executives from across the Southeast, our program creates opportunities through strategic networking sessions. Once you complete the Catalyst Program, your professional network is widened and your funding prospects are enhanced. 

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We move entrepreneurs and their small businesses forward by learning their needs, and coupling those needs to industry insiders. 

What do you need?

  • Do you need access to supply chain decision makers?
  • Do you need to meet someone who sees the value of your service or product?
  • Do you have your IP needs covered?
  • Is your business structured in an investor friendly way? 

At CLT Joules, we help you unlock your startup's potential by first understanding your team, value proposition, and go-to market strategy. We then tap our broad base of energy industry insiders from throughout the Southeast to help you realize your vision. Our team of associates and mentors have decades of experience in energy, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Program Schedule: 2016-2017 



 August 24-october 12

Start by applying online. Click the link below to go to the application page. Complete the application, and submit it by October 5th, 2016 to be considered for the upcoming class. We will notify teams of our selection decision by October 12th, 2016. 


october 12-november 2

During the pre-program, we will prepare you for the November 3rd Breakout Event. Understanding you and your business will help us decide who among our consortium partners can provide the greatest impact for your innovation. 




The Breakout Event

november 3-5

We will fly you and one associate to Charlotte for three days starting on November 3rd. During this three day series, you will discuss your value proposition one-on-one with key industry insiders sourced from the CLT Joules consortium. On the first night, we will have dinner on the 46th floor of the Duke Energy Center with program partners. During this dinner, you will present your energy innovation to the group in a casual format. Over the next two days, you will meet with consortium partners to expand your professional network and to explore unique business development opportunities in the Southeast.

Travel, per-diem, and accommodations are covered by the program. 


November 6 - february 1

Between The Breakout Event and Demo Day, CLT Joules will work with you remotely to make sure that your business is prepared to pitch to investors. We offer assistance and advising with corporate structuring, IP management, marketing, pitch development, brand development, the brokering of strategic partnerships, and other fundamental business needs. Since each business is unique, we will work with you to customize your experience so that you achieve the greatest value over the next 90 days. 


Demo Day

February 2 - February 4

Our final event for the 2016-2017 class will see entrepreneurs return to Charlotte for an organized pitch event. Once more we will hold our event on the 46th floor of the Duke Energy Center, but this time we will host a crowd of investors from the Southeast and surrounding regions. We want you to walk away from this event with the opportunity to land the funding which will take you to the next level.  

Travel, per-diem, and accommodations will once more be covered by the program. 

Program Focus: 2016-2017

The three energy technology clusters

Does your business fit our program?

The CLT Joules Catalyst Program is looking for post-revenue, small businesses that fit within several broad technological clusters. These three clusters encompass technologies which stand to revolutionize the energy industry over the next decade. If you do not see your technology addressed below, but think that it should be eligible, please submit an application.



Cluster 1: Energy Analytics & Markets

The future of system efficiency rests squarely on the shoulders of efficient markets. Similar to gains in the banking industry with fintech, the energy industry is ripe for innovation in areas of large-scale data collection, and understanding what exactly that data means.


  • Distributed energy markets and analytics

  • Cyber security

  • Improved supply chain utilization


Cluster 2: Grid Modernization & Distributed Energy Resources

Improvements in distribution automation, microgrids, and energy storage integration are areas of energy innovation which are critical to the future of energy and domestic productivity. 


  • Electric vehicle integration

  • Energy storage technologies and integration

  • Distribution automation

  • Microgrids


Cluster 3: Efficiency

Reducing the energy inefficiencies of existing infrastructure and consumer facing technologies is an area of intense innovation. By limiting waste, the entire grid gets better, products last longer, and savings are passed directly on to the entire energy value chain. 

  • Demand response devices

  • Energy efficiency integration

  • Appliances, HVAC, Water heating, Sensors & Controls, Lighting

  • Building-to-Grid integration